A different perspective
a business perspective


Unlike many telecom companies tdotcom is an independent company and gives its first allegiance to the customer first. The management structure is not a traditional telecoms background and therefore the approach is a refreshing change to many who have the experienced the normal standards of service.

Why purchase a new phone system if all you need is dial tone and your existing one does the job. Why change the cabling if you do not need large band widths.

However, technology is changing and companies need a straight forward opinion on what they do next.

We can now offer a range of services in various locations around the world covering:

  • Design, Implementation and Management of Networks based on the best and breed technologies
  • Data Networks: Layer 3 and 4 switches, Vlans, VPN, and VSAT networks
  • Wlan – Wireless Local Area Networks
  • IP Telephony, VoIP, and QoS networks
  • Network Audit and Consulting Services: network faults troubleshooting, performance monitoring and traffic metrology
  • Security Audit : penetration tests, threats analysis and risk assessment, Structured Cabling System Audit
  • ICT Managed Services for enterprises interested in outsourcing their ICT Department and Infrastructure to drive down operating costs, increase functionality, and improve quality
  • VOIP (Voice over IP)
  • PBX’s for voice

Our partners in each location are experts in their own environment and so we can bring a local impact to what is a global technology.

tdotcom has bases in London (UK) and Paris (France)