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tdotcom can provide a professional cabling service, installed with full project management procedures at a reasonable price.tdotcom engineers take pride in their work, and clean up after the installation.Further information on our cabling products and services:

Cable Type Data cables are a four pair Unshielded Twisted cable that meets the transmission performance requirements for Category 5e/6 cable as defined in the Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard EIA/TIA 568-A5

Sheath Construction PVC Sheath Material Level 5e/6 Cable.Cables are sheathed with a flexible PVC compound and flame retarded with chlorinated paraffin, typical oxygen index 27%.

Racks and Cabinets Racks are available in sizes from 6 units to 48 units in height. The cabinets are designed to provide a competitive solution to the needs of the networking and telecomm market place; the welded steel basic frame provides a robust structure for the installation of 19" hardware and accessories.

Patch Cords
A patch cord makes the link between the patch panel and the application as PABX patch panel, the active LAN equipment, video and controllers. A work area cable interconnects the telecommunication outlet and the terminal equipment.They will have the same nominal characteristics as the cable used in the horizontal cabling to ensure a homogeneous cabling system.


  • 600mm wide * 600mm deep or
  • 800mm wide * 800mm deep
  • Glass door 4mm toughened tinted grey glass
  • Castors, adjustable feet or 100mm plinth 6U to 48U racks

Phone Handsets

tdotcom can provide you with the latest handsets, from a range of manufacturers. Below is a selection from our Mitel range, however, if your require a particular handset not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone System Maintenance

Maintenance Solutions
Our service is different because we put the customer first. Easily said on paper but proved when we are happy to challenge you to speak with any of our customers.Telecoms is well know for the poor attitude of its engineers and lack of support from their company and it something we are keen to change.We start with appointing three site champions to know your site supported by a senior engineer.

We strive to minimize your costs and recommend new equipment launched onto the market. Our level of service and total customer care is why so many blue chip companies are now turning to tdotcom.We offer the normal call out service and have another very cost effective one for those with engineers already on site.

tdotcom's maintenance service features:

  • Fully equipped local office and support
  • Help desk 9.30-17.00 weekdays
  • Site log book in hardcopy and electronic format
  • Web Based Access - customers instant information
  • access to www.worry-not.com our web maintenance site
  • Regular equipment updates with on site demonstrations
  • tdotcom engineers will champion each customer site
  • Engineers briefed to offer a proactive telecom service

Telecom Facilities Management

In an industry with a reputation for offering hollow promises, we're more conscious than anyone of the difficulties companies face in satisfying their telecom needs. By delegating your telecom carrier and maintenance management to tdotcom you could save yourself anywhere up to 20% on your current costs, not to mention the time and trouble of dealing directly with your suppliers. All we need is an hour to provide an estimate of how much your company could save. We make an honest assessment based on your own requirements - if we can't improve on your existing service, we'll tell you.Full management of your telecoms suppliers and maintenance contracts A commitment to provide significant, identifiable savings within 6 months Pro-active advice on new developments that can save you money Detailed, non-technical management reports. Don't just manage your telecoms, get control of them. Call tdotcom today.

  • Less time and more complicated systems
  • Outsourcing can be cost effective
  • Take the pain away, let tdotcom manage your telecoms
  • Don’t just take our word for it, look at case studies from major companies

Mitel Network

Turnkey, all-in-one network server solution that provides single-site and branch-based businesses with increased network security, solid reliability and a comprehensive suite of managed applications and services.

The Mitel Networks 6000 Managed Application Server (MAS) is an award-winning, all-in-one security and productivity solution that is designed to improve business communications, enhance productivity and reduce costs. Ideal for branch offices and single-site organizations, it provides a secure firewall and Internet gateway, file and print services, corporate e-mail system with virus protection and spam filtering, domain registration and hosting, web server, instant messaging, secure remote management and much more. The 6000 MAS is simple to use and requires little or no IT expertise to install and manage.

The Mitel Networks 6000 MAS is ideal for networks with five to 500 users. It is available as a software package that can be installed in minutes on any standard Intel-compatible PC. The 6000 MAS can also be deployed easily and cost-effectively as a teleworking solution for any Mitel Networks Integrated Communications Platform.

The 6000 MAS enables companies to:

  • Enjoy automated virus protection against hackers and other threats
  • Easily integrate Windows and Macintosh clients and NT/2000 networks
  • Communicate with customers flexibly and securely
  • Allow staff to stay connected any time and anywhere
  • Block access to inappropriate, non-business-related Web sites
  • Safeguard valuable information
  • Improve your company's professional image on the Internet
  • Enable staff to collect and store information efficiently
  • Ensure that your network is always available
  • Integrate easily with your existing equipment
  • Securely connect two or more offices
  • Filter spam e-mail to unclog user inboxes

Phone System

Telephone Systems & Solutions Every business needs an efficient and reliable telecom system. But designing the right telecom infrastructure is complex. tdotcom will talk through all the options and come up with ideas about how choosing different equipment can help cut costs, reduce overheads and make the business run more smoothly.

General Telecom Products Mitel Networks SX-2000® this is powerful traditional PABX and has always had a backward migration path so that users of the old Mitel SX-2000 SC can migrate their handsets to the latest platform the Mitel Networks 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP).

Mitel SX-2000 PBX A well-established thoroughbred telephone system, that has always had a backward and forward compatibility program so that there is always an upgrade path. The effect of this is to protect your initial investment so that handsets and extension cards can be used in the latest platform. Telecom engineers have always praised the Mitel SX-2000 for its ease of programming and reliability. Expandable with the peripheral cabinets connected by fibre means that the system could be distributed over a large campus. One of the few systems on the market place offering full DPNSS and QSIG means a centralised operator position can be set up for a distributed office. Manufactured in the UK so that the support is always available. Development by a voice based company means their voice over IP solution is feature rich and can be expanded from an existing SX-2000 mixing new IP phones with standard phones. The 3300 ICP offers true IP telephony and can sit with legacy systems and handsets. It has all the conventional telephony features and can connect to most existing phone system.

The Mitel 3300 ICP now offers improved telephony and the intelligent network blending communications into a total network.An exciting range of new handsets are now available so a Palm hand held device can be synchronized with your office phone.A total solution is available with the combination of telephony, data, carrier services, call logging and messaging.In summary a total solution can be provided with a combination of:The Mitel 3100 ICP & Mitel Networks 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) tough, scalable Voice over IP for small to large sized businesses or the Cisco AVVID for large operations. Ideal for large operations.CTI Mind Windows based call loggingCarrier Services and office cabling for a complete office solution.Primus Corporate Golden Route using Tier 1 carriers with both direct and indirect available, dual parenting, DDI and internet connection available. London based switches with hands on customer service for companies wanting quality at a fair price.Unified Messaging platform offering state of the art software and handling voice, email and faxes in a single mail box.

Phone Recording

tdotcom are suppliers of voice and data recording solutions, using Computertel products with a customer base covering many varied and diverse markets.

Computertel products are designed to enable companies to optimise their customer relationship management through use of our recording and quality management solutions. These have helped our customers to generate additional revenue opportunities, improve profitability, enhance customer retention, reduce staff turnover and achieve a greater understanding of the ‘customer experience’.

All information listed in the cache screen can be exported for reporting purposes .csv file - All call can be exported to .wav format for email.The DataVoice Orion is a cost effective solution that covers from the smallest through to the largest of recording requirements. The systems provide a cost-effective solution that gives easy and fast access to recordings, as well as offering expandability as companies and technologies evolve.

Recordings are stored to a hard disk and then transferred to an archiving device of your choice DAT, DVD, MOD, Raid 1 or Raid 5. The online instant access storage starts at 18 Gigabytes (3000 hours of recording) with options to increase this through hundreds of thousands of Gigabytes.

The Orion provides a swift and efficient retrieval. A simple but clever search facility allows numerous preset filters for users. A point and click of the mouse brings up the list of calls to match the criteria.

The Orion has full integration to the majority of switches, by means of the CTI link, allowing greater flow of information relating to calls that can be used to start and stop recordings and add details to the call database. Where expensive CTI links are not available our Selective Record Module combined with trunk side recording provides the same features as the fully integrated system at a fraction of the cost. The ability to decide which extensions are to be recorded and the addition of names, extension info, CLI and dialled number are all added to the system.

VoIP & Work Life Balance

Everyone talks about VoIP, trying to understand how it works and thinking that its only real benefit is cheap calls. At tdotcom, we know how VoIP works and, more importantly, know the benefits for both companies and their employees. Yes, it can deliver cheaper call costs. It can also revolutionise the way employees use their time - spending less time commuting and more time being productive.

The RAC estimates of daily round trips to and from work in London are as high as 3 hours - 15 hours a week, or nearly 2 days work. It seems most people don't want to miss out on the gossip and interaction that comes from working in the office, so having the flexibility to choose day-by-day where they work is a real benefit.

In addition to productivity, most people believe that flexibility of work site and the option to work from home will help to reduce stress. According to the European Union's Emergence Project, by 2010 up to 27million Europeans will work from home - with the UK leading the field.

Your company, like many others will be looking at how to attract and retain the best people. Flexibility of work site is now a part of the package that can sway choice and loyalty. The technology is available to make it easy and practical for you to offer this benefit to employees.

If you would like to learn more about how tdotcom harnesses VoIP technology to help its clients' businesses, call us today.